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Sunday, 10 March 2013


Thankyou for your amazing words. You astonish me. I'm a little teary now but they're good tears.

They're good tears because:
1. Your words are beautiful.
2. Your words are true.
3. I can't believe I have an amazing and unique friend like you in my life.

I'm better today. I started writing a lot, but more like a novel, and its awesome to get stuff out hidden in different characters.

I'm still so intrigued as to what your new adventure is!! I hope it is going amazing. When your ready, I'd love to hear about it.

CONGRATULATIONS ON THE TABLE! It looks Amazeballs!!! hahaha No seriously, it is beautiful. You are such a talented lady. It all looks amazing! And the stolen roses, well they just top it all off! haha

Well done on the photos! I wasn't expecting such a quick response, especially the ladybeetle!! Well done on that. Your day sounds amazing. So relaxing! I feel calmer just for reading it!

I'll wait for that selfie with the stranger then I'll give you your next assignment ;)

My day, not so calming. I arrived in Slovenia. They speak Slovenian yeah. Like, what the fuck is that?!!?! I don't understand a word. I can't even say hi! But its ok, I can still point at things and smile haha

Totally got super mega lost today. Sooooo was trying to find the hostel from the train station but the directions weren't awesome. What should have taken me 20 mins took me one and a half hours! In the rain! With a heavy backpack and suitcase. Let's just say west was stressing! Haha but to put a positive spin on it, I saw a LOT of the city!! I can't pronounce the city name. It's Ljubljana, Slovenia. The hostel is pretty cool. I have a whole room to myself at the moment because its the low season. Now I've taken a breath and calmed the hell down, Slovenia looks really pretty. I'll go walkabouts tomorrow and take some photos.

I'm especially excited for my photo challenge. I have some that fit that category but I'm going to do extra special new ones just for you.

Ohhh I'm curious as to what my challenge will be. It probably won't be until I'm at uni for three weeks, but after that I'll move again till my first job.

I think I'm forgetting something... hmmmm

Here's a pretty picture of Austria for you :)

Missing you,

all my love

West xx

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