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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mind Capture

I love all your photos and stories.
Your adventure is amazing.

Museum of relationships - that's fantastic! Sad, but beautiful.

I liked that photo you sent of west visiting east and the wandering/travelling suits where we're both at right now to an absolute. I'm going to try to set it as our header picture tonight.

I'm struggling to get a photo with a stranger. Can I please have another lot of challenges and ill keep trying to get that photo as I go along.

It's my weekend again. Yay!

So I'll give you a little hint on my exciting plans..
I've applied for leave April 3rd and 4th to do an intro interior styling design course...
Also made enquiries into the bachelors of interior design in Sydney for next year
Right now my headspace is right where i need it to know I'm going to do it.


Don't tell anyone though. I want to apply, be accepted and have all plans set before I let anyone else know.

Hope your having a fabulous time.
Absorb your experiences.
Here for a debrief whenever you need.

Love East

P.S: How fresh does this photo feel?
Cornfields on a Sunday drive. Delish!

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