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Friday, 29 March 2013

The west end

Oh I treated myself to a play at the west end the other day. It was so beautiful. It's a new play called once.. About broken hearts ironically. It was fantastic. You would've loved it. I'll take you to one when you come over!! :)

Home for the broken hearted

..... Ohh many a broken heart nurtured and recovered in that house! We did good babe!

Happy Easter long weekend!!! What are your plans?

Oh yay new laptop!! Of course I would love a coffee Skype date! When are you free? I've been getting into expresso macchiatos lately.... Yum!

How's your family??

I miss you too!!!!

All my love, west xxxxxxxxxx

Adele & Julia

So Adele came on my iPod and the first thought that came to mind was...
Hannell St townhouse wall cleaning.
Smell the gumption, feel the ache in your shoulders.
Our little house of lost souls mended & directed :)

"Hometown Glory"

And Julia Stone was on before that and the things that came to mind -
Homebake, her lace dress and red guitar and red wine and lazy saturday night dinners in.

"Blood buzz Ohio"

Miss you!

Thursday, 28 March 2013


Would you like to have a coffee Skype sesh soon? I have a new laptop :)

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Yayayay thank you for your post. I was starting to become a worry wart. Haha

I have soo much to update you on. Tour has finished and I'm now in the perpetually grey city of London. It's so lovely though. I went to the west end tonight!!!! Was amazing..

More updates very soon!!!

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!

A quick hello

I'm sorry I haven't posted much the past few days. I have been meaning to and thinking about it but just been flat out!

Easter long weekend starts here tomorrow and I promise to update you with everything then.
You know - I think Easter is my favourite holiday. It feels like a fresh start.

Miss you!
I hope your tour has been fabulous and I look forward to hearing about it.

-East xx

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Learn to drink a stein

Remember last years New Years resolution.. Well first night in Berlin and Germany has bought out the alcoholic in me... 1litre beer successfully drunk in one sitting...


I'm so sorry, the last few days have been hectic busy. The magazine sounds gorgeous. What sort of articles are there? Your photos are absolutely beautiful and the poem that went with it was so nice. It sounded like you had an amazing day. I'll upload some more photos soon. Was in Budapest, then went to a concentration camp which was so incredibly sad and horrific i can't really describe it. Just have been in Prague which is now one of my favourite cities. It is so incredibly beautiful and picturesque. Here's some photos.

Monday, 18 March 2013










Sunday, 17 March 2013

Editors Letter: Messenger Collective

I bought a new magazine this morning at breakfast - Messenger Collective. It's Issue One, new release and I think it's amazing. I've included the Editors Letter below to give you a little bit of an overview. It is really inspirational. 

"I had a vision - to create the greatest, most stylish, innovative, authentic, conscious, inspiring entrepreneurial magazine/media movement on the planet. No small feat but one made easier by an extraordinary team bringing together a collective of like-minded, passionate game changers, thought leaders, style makers wand rebels from all over the world to deliver inspiration and leadership and force you to keep asking the question "why?" or "why not?".

So what's it all about? In a world full of imitation and replication we wanted to do something different. Something extraordinary, something that would stand out, be authentic and we could take beyond the pages of a print magazine.

We scoured the planet for original thinking and genuine human connection; people with a willingness to share and speak out , to strip back the spin and hype. Our goal was to uncover those truly being courageous enough to be all that they can be and willing to bare their souls.

People who were living, not just existing. Who are emotionally invested and not just 'working for The Man', who believe their voice means something and that corporate logic or rhetoric isn't always logical. That sometimes there is indeed a better way.

We wanted the stories behind the stories to inspire you but also to provide the how-tos and resources so that your own vision, goals and dreams would become attainable to you in your unique way.

This magazine is for you, the people who challenge the status quo, who shake things up, who ask why. Who harness unique strengths and talents in themselves and others for positive change and have the capacity to gain a stronger foothold in the beige boardrooms of carbon copy corporations. You are the rebels with some serious attitude and cause. This magazine is NOT for those amongst us who deposit their souls at the door when they go to work each day.

Occasionally within the pages of 'Messenger Collective' we gush a little
- unashamedly. It's because we genuinely love and believe in all the people within these pages. Sadly, there is a trend in publishing to cut and paste and syndicate content from around the world. I made a conscious decision to personally connect with every person within these pages and all of them we respect for their contribution towards making our world a better brighter, more authentic place.

Through the sections, you'll find stories on global trends, co-working spaces, philanthropists, start-ups, multi-million dollar businesses, monks, designers, artists, believers, online giants, crowd funding, outsourcing, succession planning, lion tamers, bloggers, brothers, renegade models and much much more.
One thing remains consistent: they all have soul in spades.

The past 11 months have been delicious and serendipitous and at times really, really hard but never have I believed in something so much and not once did I quit. A few wonderful moments were interviewing Dandapani - one of the warmest people I have ever met with a naughty sense of humour that had me then, and many times since, rolling in stitches. He's the Hindi priest and former monk who lives in NYC. Bradley Trevor Greive supported me with my first book 'Happiness Is...' 9 years ago and I adore him and everything he stands for. A more raw and real story you will not find and it encapsulates the essence of the whole magazine. I challenge you to get through it without shedding a tear.

The there is Lorna. Lorna and I have worked together for the past few years and I love her to absolute pieces. In my mind she is the perfect choice for the cover. She oozes positivity, inspiration and is a genuine, grounded and determines person. It was an absolute joy shooting her for the cover. We shot her on a way she has never been seen and I like to think 'Messenger Collective' gave her the vehicle to express herself. We had some serious fun. She is one woman who is about to step things up to a whole new level and I'm proud to be on the journey alongside her.

Messenger Collective started as a dream in March 2012 and quickly became a large multi-platform build that took on a life of its own. As I'm about to hit the print button I am reflecting on the magnitude of what we have created. I feel extraordinarily proud to be part of a soulful and heartfelt journey with an absolute kick-arse team. More passion you would be pressed to find.

My side-kick Claire and I went to meeting after meeting with some of the greatest and biggest distributors. Every time we'd walk in, ooze the passion we have for Messenger Collective (often with no visuals at all) we'd walk out with a deal. People just believed in it from the get-go and we are so incredibly humbled and grateful for this

I'm proud to say from Issue One we're in 3,506 newsagencies in Australia, 55 commuter and airport stores, 16 domestic and international Qantas lounges (Chairman club and Business), 685 Coles supermarkets, either Virgin lounges and various other retail outlets, hotels and corporate channels. we're also rolling out into 10 other countries. You'll find our full list of distributors on page 12.

It's true to say my baby got rather large, rather quickly. Messenger Collective is testament to living your dream and that anything's possible when you have a clear vision and focus. It's important to note that, whilst this print magazine is the cornerstone of Messenger Collective, it's a much more complex integrated media proposition. Throughout the pages of the magazine you'll find tips on how we can be read or how you can interact with us.

We're traversing print, online with a large dose of human interactions - you can attend events of become part of our reader panels (see Page 113) and watch Messenger Collective's pages come to life..

Thank you  from the bottom of my heart for connecting with Messenger Collective. You're a part of our team now and we look forward to walking the journey with you. I want and will welcome your feedback and input. I have no ego attachment to this. I just want it to be the very best it can be."

- Lisa Messenger 

Friday, 15 March 2013


Ok your next challenge is:


Where are you heading for your tour?
Glad November is still good!

P.s: theme of this challenge, my mum got engaged last week!

Captain Planet (he's our hero. Gonna take pollution down to zero!)

Amazing!!!! I'm so proud of you and excited for you!! Well done. You've got such an eye for it. I really hope you enjoy it!!

Gosh, I'm wordless as to how happy I am for you!

That photo is pure magic. Imagine having a picnic there wearing gumboots eating fresh corn with it squirting everywhere haha

You suit a finch.. So pretty, happy and full of life.

Haha no worries. My suggestion is when you go for a coffee next, ask the waiter to be in a photo. Say its for your mum in England or something hahaha

Ok next challenge:

1. Earth
2. Water
3. Fire

Go captain PLANET!! hahaha

Your star sign is earth???
Mine is water. Such a water baby.

Question for you:
If people could describe you in three words, what do you hope they'd say and why?

oH WEEKEND yay! What's plans???

I start my next tour tonight so if communication is a little bit less over the next ten days that would be why. These tours are generally pretty full on, but I'll try my hardest to post as often as I can.

My next challenge please?

Oh and news re: your possible holiday at the end of this year. November is a goer from my end. Ill prob fly back to the UK at the end Oct/start Nov so you should come with if it is still in your plans.

All my love!

Thursday, 14 March 2013


I would be a Finch.

From the question I posed earlier in your travels as to what animal you would be if you could - that's my answer.

Happy little hoppy bird.

Mind Capture

I love all your photos and stories.
Your adventure is amazing.

Museum of relationships - that's fantastic! Sad, but beautiful.

I liked that photo you sent of west visiting east and the wandering/travelling suits where we're both at right now to an absolute. I'm going to try to set it as our header picture tonight.

I'm struggling to get a photo with a stranger. Can I please have another lot of challenges and ill keep trying to get that photo as I go along.

It's my weekend again. Yay!

So I'll give you a little hint on my exciting plans..
I've applied for leave April 3rd and 4th to do an intro interior styling design course...
Also made enquiries into the bachelors of interior design in Sydney for next year
Right now my headspace is right where i need it to know I'm going to do it.


Don't tell anyone though. I want to apply, be accepted and have all plans set before I let anyone else know.

Hope your having a fabulous time.
Absorb your experiences.
Here for a debrief whenever you need.

Love East

P.S: How fresh does this photo feel?
Cornfields on a Sunday drive. Delish!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Croatia Challenge

Firstly, I am liking the name change and picture change :)

Ok, so Zagreb is beautiful. There's an upper and lower town. Back in the day, they were two separate countries and they fought alll the time! The main square of Zagreb is where the border was and hence, where most of the fights occured. I am staying at this place called the Funk Lounge Hostel. One of the girls has a little dog that follows her everywhere and its so beautiful. Today I went for a walk through the park near the hostel, did the two suggested walking tours through the different parts of town, and then went to the Museum of Broken Relationships (more about that later)..

1. Pavement

Three different types of cobblestone in one area
(Upper town, Zagreb)

Street view of cobblestone

Which path to take?
(The one less travelled)
[Maksimir Park, Zagreb]
2. Breeze

The breeze of the flag
The wind through the trees
The breeze beneath the eagle's wings
(Maksimir Park, Zagreb)
Breeze through the leaves
(Maksimir Park, Zagreb)

The winds of change: new life forming at the beginning of Spring
(Maksimir Park, Zagreb)

The winds of change
(Maksimir Park, Zagreb)

3. Watch
This clock on the wall stopped during an earthquake in 1880!!
Upper town, Zagreb

People watching
Dolac Market, Zagreb
 Ok, here are some other photos I think you'd like...

Can you spot the camoflagued frog? He scared the daylights out of me when I first saw him!
Maksimir Park, Zagreb

Street graffiti in alleyway leading from upper to lower town

Funky as fountain
(Is this how you and squirrel make out? Squatting? haha)

Beautiful park in town: distinctly winter
Zrinjevac, Zagreb
Ok, so there's a museum called the Museum of Broken Relationships. It has won the award for the most innovative museum in Europe. This is their speil:
"The Museum of Broken Relationships grew from a traveling exhibition revolving around the concept of failed relationships and their ruins. Unlike 'destructive' self-help instructions for recovery of failed loves, the museum offers a chance to overcome an emotional collapse through creation: by contributing to the Museum's collection..... An unavoidable sight in your exploration of Zagreb and a unique emotional journey around the world through hundreds of break-ups."

So basically they would have a random item (say a shoe or a book) and then there would be a description about the love story behind the item, the meaning of the item, or whatever the owner of the item wanted the world to know. It was an amazing museum. It made me really sad and I'm still recovering. Some of the stories were funny, others were gob smacking. They were broken up into categories. The funniest one was the kinky section (not called that but, can't remember the name), where the objects were handcuffs, vibrators, fake boobs. The fake boob story goes the husband bought the wife a thing like you see on the movies where the are trying to make a man look like a woman (like Mrs Doubtfire when she puts the fake boob cover thing on). He bought her that because it turned him on and he wanted her to wear it during sex. Not suprisingly, they broke up. The saddest category was based on lost love because of tragedy. One of the saddest was around a book. The author of the book is the person who donated the book and is based on the tragedy. Two guys broke into her house while they were sleeping and stabbed her husband twice. He died. The book is about her trying to deal with it. It's a true story. Another one was about a couple that were together since they were young and broke up because they needed time to grow as individuals. The girl committed suicide a year later. I was tearing up reading these. Other stories were about love in the war, love affairs, a few about rage where someone was cheated on. It was such a good museum. I felt really out of it when I left. I don't know how I feel at the moment. It really shook me.

Here's a few photos:

"You talked to me of love, gave me small gifts everyday: this is just one of them. The key to the heart.  You turned my head; you just did not want to sleep with me. I realised how much you loved me only after you died of AIDS."

Tides of time & Rage and Fury


The Museum of Broken Relationships

Whims of Desire a.k.a. the kinky section


I thought of you and so many others with this quote. So many people trying to figure it out.
"Shortly after birth, in a misguided if well intentional way, I was baptised a Christian by my parents. It took me  15 years  to be able to break that forced relationship."
I hope your day has been lovely. Probably won't have pictures tomorrow as I'll be on a train for six hours travelling to Budapest. But if you put up the next categories, I'll photograph in the next few days around Budapest, Hungary.

I miss you. I need a de-brief and a hug.

All my love,
West xxx

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Chapter 2: Croatia

Croatia challenge

1: pavement

2: breeze

3: watch

Good luck :) xx


That's so lovely. I don't know if its entirely deserved but thank you. May I pretty please have my next photo challenge? I'm exploring Zagreb, Croatia tomorrow so will photograph for you. I miss you!! Hoping everything is spectacular over there! Lots of love, west xxx

Thank you

I knew you were an amazing person - but it hit home tonight just how amazing and inspirational you really are.

There are so many people who don't know who they are. I'm so glad I met you and had you show me how great it is to become your own person.

Thank you xx

Miss your calm!
Miss you!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Challenge accepted!

Ok, here are my results!! I loved this challenge by the way. It made me see everything differently, and I really loved searching for different ways to interpret the words you gave me (as you'll see, I didn't use the obvious choice straight away). I took heaps of photos for each category so I'll put my primary photo up first, then the other ones underneath. These are all taken from Ljubjlana, Slovenia (which is beautiful by the way.)

Easy: Breakfast

Ok, so it was more brunch. I bought fresh blueberries and strawberries from the market down the road, then got a coffee and found somewhere nice to sit. Which was.....

HERE! Under the bridge, overlooking the river. It was actually kind of scary. The water was running soooo fast!!!!

Medium: Red.

Ok so I wanted to be quirky with this one.. Bear with me here...

This is probably my favourite because it is the most random!! Just a random bow in the park!

This one is looking at the colours of autumn leaves.. Red, orange, brown etc

This one I liked because it was soo interesting. Brown tree on the outside, red on the inside, with green moss growing..

These two are looking at red as the colour, but also red being the colour symbol for love.

Red is seen in this picture as a love representative. Plus I thought it was funny and cute!

Red is in this picture showing the marking of a tree for destruction (there were loggers further down the path). So red as in the colour of this cross, but also representing bloodshed in the destruction of the tree.

P.S. suprisingly red was the hardest!!

Hard: View from above.

My FAVOURITE to shoot :)

My favourite. View from above, but close to the ground.

And the other ones I liked...

This would be the conventional answer.... The view over the city taken from the castle on the hill..

And the view from above looking down the spiral staircase in the tower where the above photos were taken..


Squirrel... for squirrel haha (In Tivoli Park, Ljubljana)

Nice other pictures....

There was an open air art exhibition in Tivoli Park (where the squirrel pics were taken). It displayed photos from a competition to promote Ljubljana as a tourist destination. They were gorgeous!

How beautiful is this!

What the fuck is this!! haha some wormy thing!!

That's how Prince Harry and I will dance on our wedding night!

The padlock collection over looking the river...

Ready.. I love this... West goes on a little journey and visits.......

 EAST!!!! Hug!

Sunset over Ljubljana castle.

Ok so this is a crap picture but there is a story behind it.... So there was meant to be this spring festival on tonight... People would light candles, put them in clogs and float them down the river to represent "not having to work by light" anymore because its spring... Well I got all excited and told a few people and we went for tea near here then found the spot all excited and then..... Nothing... There were like two floating candles.. a whole heap of expectant people, but nothing. It was soo funny, we just yelled and cheered for the few candles that were floating down the river because they crashed and burned in this mini waterfall. The funniest bit was watching the little boys try and spear fish the wet paper clogs out of the river after the waterfall haha

Classic west...

Hope you've enjoyed!! Looking forward to my next challenge...

I've thought of some for you but I need your selfie first!! hehehe

Love west!! xxx