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Friday, 8 March 2013

CONGRATULATIONS you green thumb you!!

Awesome work on the vegetable growing!!! That's amazing!! Oh my gosh I had cream of beetroot soup for dinner tonight and it was effing delicious!! MUST learn how to make this!!

Hahaha oscar is sooo beautiful! Haha you can secretly call him Oliver and see if it works for him! He has beautiful olive eyes!

Hmmm if I was to come back as an animal...

Probably a dolphin because they are friendly, they get to swim, they have friends and they enjoy sex.

Orrrrr a dog because everyone loves dogs and they are sooo happy all the time!

Or a monkey because they are cheeky and get to eat bananas! (I do love my bananas!!)

What about you?

I forgot to reply about the photo challenge. I'd love to do that. I've already thought of somethings for you to do..


And they have levels of difficulty!

Level 1 (Easy):
Take a close up photo of a flower!

Level 2 (Medium):
Take a selfie with a complete stranger.

Level 3 (Hard):
Capture a photo of a ladybeetle!

Hahahahaha how cool is this! I'm excited for mine!!

I'm currently in Salzburg, Austria for two nights. It's where the sound of music was filmed!!!!!! I went on this beautiful walk today through this forrest thing as the sun was going down. I haven't uploaded the photos yet but when I do I'll post some up. The flowers were all pink and it was just so peaceful (except I was slightly afraid thinking a girl alone probably shoudn't be walking by herself in a random forrest in a place she doesn't know at sunset!! haha) So I went until I freaked myself out, then turned around and walked back haha so silly my imagination!!!

Ohh that's awesome news about Simone. She's so lovely! She always made me feel so welcome at her and Steve's house.

I'm going to post this before my internet connection drops out again (It's really sensitive here!) Then I'll try to post some more photos.

All my love from the west side ;) xxx

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