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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Land of the Lindt bunny!

Those flowers are beautiful.. Are they real? If so, where did you find them?

You could put together a coffee table book with photos like that!

This is the photo I was trying to upload the other day and it wouldn't work. This is Nice beach, France. I was really sick this day, so I went to the market and bought some bread, dates and coffee and slept on the beach for four hours.

I'm in Switzerland now. It is sooooo beautiful. I only arrived tonight after dark so I haven't taken any photos yet, but the houses are so gorgeous and idyllic. Remember when you were little and you drew stick houses like this (or at least I did with my unartistic talent haha):

Well they actually do look like that!!! As in triangle rooves so the snow can fall off, and chimneys, and stacks of wood outside and snow everywhere and it looks so peaceful and beautiful. They speak soooooo many languages here. They speak German, French and Italian depending on which border you're closest too. I'm attempting to re-sprook my German by reading the paper and asking the cafe boys to tell me the end of the sentences when I don't understand. haha

Lots of love from the snowy west xxx

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