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Separated by ten thousand miles for 730 days.. Two wandering souls take on the adventure of life. This is our blog from East to West to stay in touch and share our experiences. You may join us on our journey.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Shit lost real good and proper!!

Well once I got off the phone with you babe, my nurse wanted to know what plans were. Then she tried to convince me to go to aus. I got a bit upset because I was confused. Then I (finally!!) got to go on leave to get my gear so finally I don't smell like a dirty sock! I felt good while I was out. It reinforced that I can do this. As soon as I got back however they wanted to search my bags and take away my laptop, chargers, perfume etc etc and I lost my shit. Like seriously just lost it. It's like being in prison. I did however manage to look up some things on my phone so tomorrow ill tell them I'm leaving, catch a train to Bournemouth and stay in a hotel till I can find something more longterm. :) :)

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I know. I wish I wasn't here either. Well mister was a narcissist. The very definition of one. Everybody said it. Which is kind of sad because narcissists are generally like that because they've been really hurt in the past and it's become a protective mechanism to not getting hurt again.
So he can't stand any sadness in his life. He told me this. He can't handle it.
Any who so I had two days where I was unwell and really down which all started because my pa went into full time care and also because he said people who committ suicide are cowards. So that set off two days of sadness. He couldn't handle it. He said he doesn't understand and doesn't want to understand. He said I obviously need someone who I can talk to and so dumped me. I didn't handle that we'll at all because it cut to the core of my personality. I was dumped for being mentally unwell. I felt like I couldn't breathe. I'm better now. Hopefully ill go tomorrow now I feel safe. Your message about being better than that was the key. I lost all faith in myself and thought I was just scum and unloveable but you reminded me I have a strong side.

Thank you so much for that. You are my angel.

I've been seeing the FB updates. You two will be guns!!! Are you still going in the competition?

Xxxxxx all my love

I love you

Aw :(
I wish you weren't there again.
What happened babe?

Tomorrow night lets chat.

In the East - I am stuck back into training with the girls. Loving it! Feeling tired (today is day 10 without a rest)

Work is going alright. Numbers are low which adds a little bit of stress but its ok.

Other than that I don't have a lot going on!!

Miss you!
Don't forget how much I love you.

Feel free to spill or let me know your thoughts for what's going on. Would love to listen.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The sun will come out tomorrow...

Lets just say I would love to but I'm currently institutionalised again with one arsehole of a doctor. Definite Skype sesh then. We just started daylight savings :) it got to 18 degrees the other day :) omg!!! I know!!!

I miss you. Thank you so much for your kind words. You don't know how much that means to me. Sometimes it just takes a best friends touch to make everything seem possible again. Thank you!!!

Ill do that adventure as soon as I'm free from this place!!

Tell me stories of the east ....

All my love and massive hug and chocolate and movie night and coffee breakfast date xxxxxxx west xo

Coffee time

He sounded like a douche from the start...
You're heaps better than that West.

Don't let him ruin your adventure. It's once in a lifetime. You will never get today again so live it up.
If you don't feel like doing it for you- live today for me :)
Where are you? Can you please have
An amazing coffee and breakfast for me. Then a lovely walk somewhere
Then do something active or yoga if you can followed by something adventurous you know I'd love.
Please please please :)
Smile beautiful -

Shall we Skype my Thursday night Friday morning at this time? We're on daylight savings now so why does that make the time difference?

I can't wait to hear about your day!


Hey babe,
Well lets just say he took my heart, made me feel a million bucks, wanted to introduce me to his family, then because I had two days where I was sad (unwell), he decided he didn't want to know about it or deal with it and dumped me. Now I'm a mess. Getting help thou. Need to explain more over Skype. F&$ing stupid men cxxx

Spill spill spill spill spill!!!

Are you ok?

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

English shinanegans

Your photos are amazing.. I love the rough one, and the soft ones with the running water are so talented.. Go girl!! Now you've done the seven, does she run any other comps for you to enter?

I'm currently in Oxford which is pretty much all university. But it's like cool old campus' with amazing architecture.. some of Harry Potter was filmed here to give you an idea... How crazy.. I'm here for one more night before I head back to London for the weekend..

Here's a few pics...

The world's first Oxfam shop

Cool old style building

Amazing cake!!!

One of the churches


More cool buildings...

Also I went into this book shop that holds the guiness world record for the deepest build library room.. And I had a pint in a pub Inspector Morse is filmed in haha

Prior to this I was in Bath with pub man.. I had such a great time!!! Bath is absolutely stunning!! We did a walking tour, went into Bath Abbey (church), then had a three hour sesh in one of the old Roman baths that is open to the public. They are the UK's only natural thermal spas. On the ground level was a big thermal pool with a spa in the middle, the next level is a sauna room but with four separate areas each infused with a different essence (bergamont, lavender, eucalyptus and menthol) and in the middle of the room was a waterfall shower. The top floor was a rooftop bath overlooking the city. It was so amazing. The water was so warm but the air outside was cold so it was such a nice composition and the view was amazing. I was soooooo relaxed afterward, I didn't want to leave and I fell asleep straight away!!!! The next day we went to Stonehenge which apparently is a theorized to be a calendar to mark the winter and summer solace and to tell which month your in. Was cool to see. Then went into the untouched Roman Baths which were spectacular.. They had a museum attached and it was so interesting. We got to taste the pure thermal waters... They were horrid... So minerally. Kind of metallicy.. Charles Dickens did it so I have to hahaha

Here's some photos of Bath and Stonehenge:

Breakfast at Sally Lunn's famous buns

Bath Abbey

Roman baths


Panorama of park

Diving into the Roman Baths

Roman bath

Good example of Georgian architecture
After mister left for London to go to work, I wandered around the Royal Victoria Gardens and the Royal Botanic Gardens.. Here are a few of my favourite shots....

I'm still obsessed with the squirrels. They are so fun to watch. There was quite a few people there attempting to feed them with popcorn seeds!

I love cherry blossoms

Ok, so I must have been on a cherry blossom photography tour of the parks

Close up!
So that's probably enough photos for now... I'd love to hear more of your tales from home.

Thinking of you and missing you...

Oh and I found out the most terrible news the other day... I'm actually on eleven. I forgot about pot-head Melbourne man! Eff it!!! I'm disgusted!!

I hope that cheers you up at least. Some good has to come of it!

Lots of love from the west xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 5 April 2013

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Crazy murdering pub guy

Haha I think pub guy requires a very long coffee Skype sesh. He is crazy, but not a murderer haha all good!!

Your photography is amazing. You're doing so well.

Tell me home stories. How's the designing going? How's Vienna? And the roomies?

I miss you babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 1 April 2013

Shot 2: Layered #7vignettes

Wow! That castle is amazing!
Did you get to look inside?

Hold up - guy you met at the pub???
Further details required please :)

3 extra weeks holiday sounds fantastic, roadtrip fits perfectly. I think you should!(so long as pub guy isn't a creepy murderer. Please find out if he is before you go. Thank you.)

The challenge isn't for anything in particular. An interior designer runs it on her blog at the start if each month. its been going for the past few months now. It's exciting trying to come up with a shot that has a story & looks beautiful :)

Home is Good. I'm still here this morning (Tuesday 6:55am)
Heading to work in Kurri in 10 minutes.
Yay. (Fizzle)

Hey - jump in on the vignettes challenge words if you would like.

Shot 2 title is 'layered'
& this is mine:

Wedding Challenge


Parliament House, England
Her Majesty's Castle and Royal Fortress (a.k.a. London Tower)

The first glimpses of spring with the daffodils

Tower Bridge, London

Also, look at this... It's the London Eye!

You are amazing!

That looks absolutely amazing! Good luck babe.

What is the competition about and for?

My uni prep course doesn't start when I first expected. It starts now on the 24th April. So I have three more weeks to bum around. Yay...

Thinking of going on a roadtrip to Bath and Stonehenge with a guy from the pub I'm staying at, then possibly go to Edinburgh or Dublin by myself for a week or two.

I miss you.

I hope your Easter was lovely.

Tell me what's happening at home babe. How is it working with the new household?

Love you, West x

Shot 1: Favourites #7vignettes

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This is my shot :)