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Sunday, 10 March 2013

A beautiful day

Saturday was the best day I have had in a long time.
So great in fact that I am going to note it all down and share with you..

8:00am - Yoga
At the YogaLoft which is beautiful.
It was by far the hardest, but best yoga practice I have done to date. Think 3-4 solid minutes of coming into and holding Utkatasana... Yep. 3-4 minutes. Same practice I conquered crow to hold for a minute.

I have been waking up to a sunrise over Newcastle beach at their 6am sessions throughout the week. This isn't the view from Yoga but its equally as beautiful. This is the stretch you like from Nobbys to Newcastle beach where you get the sea-spray if it is really rough.

10:00am - Breakfast | Muesli & coffee
At home with my second batch of home-made muesli. This one has cranberries, apple and macadamia in it.

11:00am - I had the glass ordered and cut to size and picked it up today. It fits perfectly and now we can eat on it without the food falling off the plates!
It's looking more and more like a table and getting closer to being finished!

2:30pm - I drove past Jesmond Park as I was coming back from getting the glass at Hexham and heading to T2 in Charlestown and saw all the beautiful roses. Because of the 'close-up photo' in your challenge for me, I  stopped to smell the roses. They were the most magnificent colours. I got some pictures for you - and I also picked some to take home. (Note the flowers on the table :) Shhh....


1:30pm - Visited T2 on the lookout for a 'caramelly' flavoured tea. Came away with 'Toasty Warm' which is an oolong black tea with nougat, almonds, honey and vanilla. It is delicious!

2:30pm - Crusty White Bread Making!
Second attempt at baking was more successful with a traditional recipe.

3:30pm - Captured the perfect lighting in the kitchen for this shot!
Cedar oil polished my table and sanded back the legs a little bit more.

5:30pm - Had a lovely visitor for a dinner date.
I made stuffed mushrooms with a fresh Italian tomato filling. Oh.My.Goodness.DELICIOUS!

9:30pm - Edited some photos && had snuggles before sleep.
It all made for a near perfect day!

Breakfast with you and a sleepover would have been the only way to top it!
Sending you happiness on your travels and missing you and your crazy happiness here in the East xx

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