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Friday, 15 March 2013

Captain Planet (he's our hero. Gonna take pollution down to zero!)

Amazing!!!! I'm so proud of you and excited for you!! Well done. You've got such an eye for it. I really hope you enjoy it!!

Gosh, I'm wordless as to how happy I am for you!

That photo is pure magic. Imagine having a picnic there wearing gumboots eating fresh corn with it squirting everywhere haha

You suit a finch.. So pretty, happy and full of life.

Haha no worries. My suggestion is when you go for a coffee next, ask the waiter to be in a photo. Say its for your mum in England or something hahaha

Ok next challenge:

1. Earth
2. Water
3. Fire

Go captain PLANET!! hahaha

Your star sign is earth???
Mine is water. Such a water baby.

Question for you:
If people could describe you in three words, what do you hope they'd say and why?

oH WEEKEND yay! What's plans???

I start my next tour tonight so if communication is a little bit less over the next ten days that would be why. These tours are generally pretty full on, but I'll try my hardest to post as often as I can.

My next challenge please?

Oh and news re: your possible holiday at the end of this year. November is a goer from my end. Ill prob fly back to the UK at the end Oct/start Nov so you should come with if it is still in your plans.

All my love!

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