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Monday, 4 March 2013

Painting pj's

Hahahaha awesome questions!

I'm still sick so have no sense of smell but what I did smell was freshness (I've never been asked what the ocean smells like before. That's an awesome question!)

Ummmm no the pebbles were suprisingly comfortable for rocks. I was half on a concrete slab too, but it wasn't bad.

I forgot the other question.... Aww was the sun hot. NOOOO! It was warm day but windy, still needed blanket coverage. The warmest it got to in Nice was 15 degrees, which is the warmest its been since I arrived to Europe. It's currently -2. haha

I am in LOVE with Switzerland. Absolute love!!! It's soo gorgeous! The people are friendly, the landscape is spectacular, theres icy snow on the roof tops but the suns out so its nice. But the funny thing is, everyone is so confused! They don't know which language to speak. There are three official languages of Switzerland - German, French and Italian. But how does one know which one to speak!! At the train station in Geneve they spoke French, but here in Bern they mainly speak German. I say they're confused though because they will speak to you in German, but then say Merci when you leave which is thankyou in French haha But they also speak German with the wierdest accent. Instead of saying Tshuss (Bye in German), they say it with an e on the end like they are speaking Italian, like tshusse. I didn't know what they were saying to me until I heard it a few times. It's so funny and interesting!!

And I saw a BEAR!!! Eating grass! It was cool!

Haha ok I accept that challenge. I'll write a postcard to you in German (it may take me a while so pretty please be patient, plus a week and a half postage time). I'm trying to decipher the news headlines in the paper over breakfast haha

Skype sess?? If an evening is easiest for you, let me know the date and time and I'll work out from my end when I need to be on. And we'll make a cuppa.

Any further decisions re: occuptional options?

Missing you,

Love west! xxx

P.S. I'm staying in a room with a French girl who studies art history and she told me the funniest random fact of the day. Paintings and sculptures wear pj's at night! They have individually made covers for the paintings that have to be put over them every night and removed in the morning to protect them from light and dust etc. haha pajamas for paintings!!

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