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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Caffe Story

It is caffestry!

I typed it into my phone and it auto corrected to "Caffe story"
I love it!

Your pictures are equally as gorgeous.
It's so beautiful!
I jumped on Facebook to view your albums but your little stories behind them make them even more spectacular!

Your adventure is so exciting it is inspiring me so much.

In regards to the house i've asked Simone. I had a big feast with her and Lexi last sat night and she loved the house and Oscar and mentioned her lease was almost up and she would like a place where she can cook. This was before Mase knew he was leaving so when he told me I mentioned it to her. Just waiting to hear back.

I am missing you and our breakfasts and our feasts equally. I found new muesli at a place called 'The Village' on Beaumont st. They had these tiny little kiwi fruits that were the size of cherries but tasted EXACTLY like kiwi fruit! Apparently they're called kiwi berries. They were Yummy!

I have an oyster weekend this weekend and I'm so excited. I have no plans yet but feel like a little adventure of sorts myself.

More on food- I picked my first beetroot and cucumber today!! Cucumber on toast for lunch was delish!

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