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Separated by ten thousand miles for 730 days.. Two wandering souls take on the adventure of life. This is our blog from East to West to stay in touch and share our experiences. You may join us on our journey.

Thursday, 28 February 2013


Wow your museli looks delectable!! How did it taste??

You go girl! That table looks amazing. Your such a talented lady. And to be able to eat and drink without spilling everything in the gaps! Awesome!! hahahahahaha

Im feeling pretty shitty at the moment. I've lost my voice yet again and have this horrible raspy cough. I'm not a very healthy person to be around at the moment. (Pheww I hear you say. Glad your on the other side of the globe). So I'm trying to take it easy. And I must say, this is a pretty good place to get sick in...

Ohhhh I was going to upload a photo but it wont do it... Damn wi fi.

I'll try again later.

Keep the pics coming. They are beautiful.

Love west xxx


Have the glass to go in this weekend!
It's coming along!

We can now eat at it without worrying whether the legs are going to break.

Monday, 25 February 2013


Here is the finished product of my first attempt at homemade toasted muesli

Ingredients: Oats, barley, quinoa, flaxseed, plum, almond, pepitas, sunflower seeds, date syrup, raw sugar

Spicy Capsicum

Your pictures are gorgeous! The capsicum is sooo exciting! Well done you green thumb you!!!

Spicy capsicum?



bahahaha love it!!!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Blossom from the East

My garden grew its first vege today!
It's a tiny-wee capsicum!

It's about the size of my thumbnail but its there!

I was very excited when I saw it. :)
I have lots of flowers on my eggplant, cucumber and and zucchini plant so it shouldn't be long and ill have edible vege heheh.

That is my share photo for the week :)

(P.S:Whenever I say 'capsicum' all I can think of is Oktober Fest last year and
"Ah, pooped." "Spicy capsicum?" "Yar!")

I hope everything is lovely in Spain!
Keep me posted.
I have a few more things to post about over here in the East so check in!

All my love!
East x

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Hola East,

How are you?????? Tell me whats happening back over there...

I arrived in Sevilla tonight which is towards the Mediterranean sea side of Spain. It is absolutely gorgeous. Probably my most favourite place because of its wide streets, cleanliness, everyones happy, theres trees lining the streets and the vibe is good.

I GOT TO HOLD AN APE TODAY!!!! It was crazy insane amazing!! They are so funny and cute and can bite your hand off at any time!!! Amazeballs as you would say. Probably my most fav activity tied with seeing a Flamenco dancing show in Barcelona. Was beautiful! They are so talented, its crazy.

Whats happening at home???

Miss you.

Buenos noches (or buenos nachoes as i say yum yum),

Love west x

p.s. What animal is against spontaneous marriage?

An antelope hahahahah

Monday, 18 February 2013

Newcastle to Barcelona


I hope you're having the absolute time of your life! Where are you tonight? Somewhere in the midsts of Spain.. Magic!

How is your Spanish coming along? Successfully ordered Flat White and Muesli yet?

I went for breakfast at III Bean on Sat but they were completely packed so I headed to Eurobar instead. Their muesli was ok. Nothing special. You'd have been disappointed. I did, however, find a little alleyway with hidden cafes alongside the Euro. Can't wait to go see them, perhaps this weekend :)

Please do tell me about your travels when you have a sec to catch your breathe..

Miss you! Lots!
Xx East

Monday, 11 February 2013


Oscar is beautiful!!! He is sooo cute.. I want to cuddle it!!!!

Is he a rescue kitten??

East & Oscar

Saturday afternoon at Bondi was a lovely place to say Bon Voyage.
Delicious coffee & balmy weather.

Sounds like it is a little bit different there for you!

I'm very glad you are on the ground again.. Even more excited that you are on SPANISH ground!!

The house is feeling a little bit empty without you in it. I did come home to the surprise of a new housemate though..

Meet Oscar the kitten...

He's not really snuggly yet - more of a meow-er so we'll have to see how this relationship pans out!

Will keep you posted -

-East x


Funniest morning... Just tried to order Egg on toast and coffee for lunch (in Spanish) and ended up with a toasted tuna salad sandwich and coke hahahaha opps!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Goodbye East

East & West.. after the last brunch
Smooch for my cuddle buddy
The goodbye in Vegemite land. Our museli and coffee brunch, walk to the beach and the fight back of teardrops :(

A message from the West

East my lovely friend,
Just a little message to say holla from Madrid.
After two late flights, a flight transfer and an unintended six hour stay in Dubai airport, I have finally arrived. However, it is wonderful. The magical excitement of a new city. I have a room all to myself tonight with a heater keeping me toasty. Its between 0 and 12 degrees during the days apparently. Toasty toasty warm :)
I am staying about 5 kms from Madrid soccer stadium. Its about 1130 Sun night here but I think its aout 0900 Mon morn for you. I miss my flashing snuggle buddy. My cup of coffee kept me company during the flight though.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Tell me all about it..

I'll upload photos when my internet connection is a little stronger.

All my love,