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Monday, 11 March 2013

Challenge accepted!

Ok, here are my results!! I loved this challenge by the way. It made me see everything differently, and I really loved searching for different ways to interpret the words you gave me (as you'll see, I didn't use the obvious choice straight away). I took heaps of photos for each category so I'll put my primary photo up first, then the other ones underneath. These are all taken from Ljubjlana, Slovenia (which is beautiful by the way.)

Easy: Breakfast

Ok, so it was more brunch. I bought fresh blueberries and strawberries from the market down the road, then got a coffee and found somewhere nice to sit. Which was.....

HERE! Under the bridge, overlooking the river. It was actually kind of scary. The water was running soooo fast!!!!

Medium: Red.

Ok so I wanted to be quirky with this one.. Bear with me here...

This is probably my favourite because it is the most random!! Just a random bow in the park!

This one is looking at the colours of autumn leaves.. Red, orange, brown etc

This one I liked because it was soo interesting. Brown tree on the outside, red on the inside, with green moss growing..

These two are looking at red as the colour, but also red being the colour symbol for love.

Red is seen in this picture as a love representative. Plus I thought it was funny and cute!

Red is in this picture showing the marking of a tree for destruction (there were loggers further down the path). So red as in the colour of this cross, but also representing bloodshed in the destruction of the tree.

P.S. suprisingly red was the hardest!!

Hard: View from above.

My FAVOURITE to shoot :)

My favourite. View from above, but close to the ground.

And the other ones I liked...

This would be the conventional answer.... The view over the city taken from the castle on the hill..

And the view from above looking down the spiral staircase in the tower where the above photos were taken..


Squirrel... for squirrel haha (In Tivoli Park, Ljubljana)

Nice other pictures....

There was an open air art exhibition in Tivoli Park (where the squirrel pics were taken). It displayed photos from a competition to promote Ljubljana as a tourist destination. They were gorgeous!

How beautiful is this!

What the fuck is this!! haha some wormy thing!!

That's how Prince Harry and I will dance on our wedding night!

The padlock collection over looking the river...

Ready.. I love this... West goes on a little journey and visits.......

 EAST!!!! Hug!

Sunset over Ljubljana castle.

Ok so this is a crap picture but there is a story behind it.... So there was meant to be this spring festival on tonight... People would light candles, put them in clogs and float them down the river to represent "not having to work by light" anymore because its spring... Well I got all excited and told a few people and we went for tea near here then found the spot all excited and then..... Nothing... There were like two floating candles.. a whole heap of expectant people, but nothing. It was soo funny, we just yelled and cheered for the few candles that were floating down the river because they crashed and burned in this mini waterfall. The funniest bit was watching the little boys try and spear fish the wet paper clogs out of the river after the waterfall haha

Classic west...

Hope you've enjoyed!! Looking forward to my next challenge...

I've thought of some for you but I need your selfie first!! hehehe

Love west!! xxx

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