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Friday, 8 March 2013

Flipping through the photo album!

I love this photo! Apparently if you want, you can climb to the top of the stairs and shout out your demands to the people of Bern! Haha It's the only fountain in Bern without a statue. I just like that someone went to the effort of knitting it a covering. The poles get cold too you know! Hahaha

Hmmmmmm I wonder what Baise La Police means?? Hahaha

I found out street. La Bohemienne Street in Eze Village, France! Haha I laughed a lot when I saw this and thought of you.. Just wandering lost souls :)

These are actually leaves on a fence on the walk from Eze Village to the water. How much do they look like love hearts! I thought it was pretty special!

I took this photo for you. It was on a staircase wall in a cafe in Seville, Spain. I was walking up to use the ladies and thought how beautiful it was and how you'd love that idea, so took a sneaky pic like a total tourist!! haha ;)

I love this photo of the apes at Gibraltar! I don't know if you can spot them but there are at least three apes sitting on top of that rock. It totally reminded me of the Lion King!!!

Cute little ape!!!!! Apes have no tails. Did you know? Because these guys look like monkeys to me, but because they have no tails they are apes!!!

Love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

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