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Thursday, 7 March 2013


Caffestry? Oh that makes me miss Newcastle and our Breakfast dates sooo much!

Nice photography. Your pictures are gorgeous!!

Sorry I haven't uploaded any photos. Had big download sesh this afternoon... So ready......

Some trees I found whilst wandering around Zurich, Switzerland. I thought they were pretty. I like the colour of the flowers.

I went on a round trip on a boat on Lake Zurich. It was beautiful, and I was playing Of Monsters and Men because there was some noisy kids and I kind of fell asleep for a tiny bit :) When I woke up this was the view.

I went up to the Shilthorn, which is the highest point from which you can ski/snowboard (on black level for pros of course!) It's about 500m under Jungfrau which is the highest point in Europe! Anywho, on the way up I could see all around, and my favourite was seeing these snow covered houses looking like little specs against the massive alps around them.

This is me at the very peak attempting to do a star jump on ice! Clever thinking haha There is a revolving restaurant here. It's the very first revolving restaurant built, and it also was where part of 007 was filmed.

This is Bern - the capital of Switzerland and very close to being my favourite place in my trip so far (probably tied with Seville). I don't know what it is about it. I just get such a good vibe. It's not like a normal capital city. Most people think Geneva is the capital. The old town of Bern is a UNESCO world heritage site. Imagine cobbled paths, basements with doors opening onto the streets, old European squares, a beautiful river, a BEAR PARK!! I just love it. The people are so friendly, it's not busy like a capital normally is and I just get the best vibe here. I could imagine living here. Every part of it is magic. So picturesque.

The houses are so gorgeous. This isn't even in the old town area. It's in the newer part where all the museums are, yet its so beautiful!

I could get lost here for hours!

It's a bear!!! A real live bear!! They have a bear park here near the river on the side of the hill so the bears can roam around free just like if they were in the wild. It's just down near the river. It's not in a zoo or anything. It's open for you to just wander on past anytime.

Sunset over the main river of Bern! The sunset is extra pink because of the fog from the Alps. You can see snow-capped mountains in the background and just to the left of the picture area.

I am sooo very intrigued about what you've started. I'm very excited for you and hope it works out for you!!! Can't wait to find out!

That's awesome news for Mas! He's been talking about that for a while so its so fantastic! What's happening house wise?

I miss you east!! Would love a coffee at the beach with you.

My schedule is so over the place (a.k.a. I literally am booking accomodation the night before I need it), you just need to tell me when you want to Skype (like exact date and time) and I'll make sure I'm on :)

All my love,
From the west xxxx

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