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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Sound of Music land

Ok so here are some photos of Saltzberg, Austria. Mainly they are landscape ones because I did a lot of wandering through the hills. And there's some that don't tell you much about Austria at all, but are just pretty close-ups of things. I took these because I thought you'd find them pretty.

The forest where I scared myself with thoughts of scary movies involving girls alone in forrests haha

A tree is enjoyed looking at.

Not daunting much! Haha this is at the monestary which overlooks the city. It still has monks in it!

Saltzberg at sundown.

Some funky tree photo.

The seasons are so distinct here. These are the last surviving leaves of winter.

Moss and fungi looking things on trees.

Overlooking the city from near the old fortress. This is at twelve midday. I wasn't far from here when they let off the raid alarm from the war. Absolutely frightened the shit out of me. I detest that sounds. It sends shivers down my spine. I didn't know if it was legit or not and I was by myself so I was looking up at the sky and over the city to see what the fuck was going on. Then I looked at my watch and saw it was dead on midday so I realised it just must be what they do! Fuckers!!

The old fortress. Saltzberg is like stepping back in time to the war period. I went on a tour through this fortress. Do you remember how I get really nauseous when I watch war movies because of all the violence. Well imagine me in a fortress based on protecting the city, with vantage points for killing the enemy and torture chambers used to get confessions. Let's just say I felt very off and almost ran out of there!! It was interesting though. You can almost see what the city was like during the war, and what it would have felt like to hear the air raid alarm. You can imagine the Von Trapps running away in the hillside. It's so transporting!

View over the town from the scary fortress.

Missing you dearly!

Love West xxx

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