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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Direction for a wandering soul

Would you change where you are right now to be in her shoes?

You are on your adventure. Travelling the world, a beautiful wandering soul.
Living life. Creating you.
Life is built on experiences.

Tor, you are the strongest person I know. You understand, listen to and appreciate yourself in a way all people need to before they can then truly do that for another person. You and I both know that you have made the journey to where you are today over the past 2 years. It hasn't been easy - but life only throws us what it knows we can handle.

I want you to think...

Would I change where I am right now to be where she is?
Would I change where I am right now to be the person I was 2 years ago, with the friends I had 2 years ago and have the life I had 2 years ago.
Would I change where I am right now to go back or am I happy in my shoes and excited for the future where I'm headed?

You are the master of your ship, the controller of your destiny..

You can't change other people - just acknowledge that they're living a different life with different priorities and different values.

What makes a beautiful relationship is not purely common interests -
A beautiful relationship is two people loving each other for their unique outlook on life, supporting their individual interests and endeavours and appreciating their differences.

The beauty is in sharing your life.
It is not having them BE your life or vice versa. Why should the two people need to be the same to work?

A relationship is two people - not one.

I honestly think you ARE over your relationship. I think you're at the stage where you know yourself well enough that you want to know someone else like that too. I think your mind turns to him because you have history. It's a sheet of paper that's already started so it seems easier to pick up and keep writing.
The problem with that is there are parts of the story you didn't like, which is why you stopped writing it a little while back.

Do you want to know him as the person he is and can you be with someone who made you feel like he did or are you hoping he has changed?

I know there's a feeling..

And I can't explain.

I've just spent the last 10 minutes writing and erasing trying to explain said feeling but i have zilch. So I'm leaving this space vacant and offering all my professional knowledge as-

I know there's a feeling.

You want someone who makes your heart smile just for them being them.
You want someone who loves loving you for being you.


When it's right - that feeling grows along with your happiness.

I'm not going to tell you what's right because only you know that.
But I do know you pretty well and have a good idea as to what your thinking..

How long is it until you settle in one location?
I have a challenge for you.

Love you Tor - Smile xx

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