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Monday, 1 April 2013

Shot 2: Layered #7vignettes

Wow! That castle is amazing!
Did you get to look inside?

Hold up - guy you met at the pub???
Further details required please :)

3 extra weeks holiday sounds fantastic, roadtrip fits perfectly. I think you should!(so long as pub guy isn't a creepy murderer. Please find out if he is before you go. Thank you.)

The challenge isn't for anything in particular. An interior designer runs it on her blog at the start if each month. its been going for the past few months now. It's exciting trying to come up with a shot that has a story & looks beautiful :)

Home is Good. I'm still here this morning (Tuesday 6:55am)
Heading to work in Kurri in 10 minutes.
Yay. (Fizzle)

Hey - jump in on the vignettes challenge words if you would like.

Shot 2 title is 'layered'
& this is mine:

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