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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

English shinanegans

Your photos are amazing.. I love the rough one, and the soft ones with the running water are so talented.. Go girl!! Now you've done the seven, does she run any other comps for you to enter?

I'm currently in Oxford which is pretty much all university. But it's like cool old campus' with amazing architecture.. some of Harry Potter was filmed here to give you an idea... How crazy.. I'm here for one more night before I head back to London for the weekend..

Here's a few pics...

The world's first Oxfam shop

Cool old style building

Amazing cake!!!

One of the churches


More cool buildings...

Also I went into this book shop that holds the guiness world record for the deepest build library room.. And I had a pint in a pub Inspector Morse is filmed in haha

Prior to this I was in Bath with pub man.. I had such a great time!!! Bath is absolutely stunning!! We did a walking tour, went into Bath Abbey (church), then had a three hour sesh in one of the old Roman baths that is open to the public. They are the UK's only natural thermal spas. On the ground level was a big thermal pool with a spa in the middle, the next level is a sauna room but with four separate areas each infused with a different essence (bergamont, lavender, eucalyptus and menthol) and in the middle of the room was a waterfall shower. The top floor was a rooftop bath overlooking the city. It was so amazing. The water was so warm but the air outside was cold so it was such a nice composition and the view was amazing. I was soooooo relaxed afterward, I didn't want to leave and I fell asleep straight away!!!! The next day we went to Stonehenge which apparently is a theorized to be a calendar to mark the winter and summer solace and to tell which month your in. Was cool to see. Then went into the untouched Roman Baths which were spectacular.. They had a museum attached and it was so interesting. We got to taste the pure thermal waters... They were horrid... So minerally. Kind of metallicy.. Charles Dickens did it so I have to hahaha

Here's some photos of Bath and Stonehenge:

Breakfast at Sally Lunn's famous buns

Bath Abbey

Roman baths


Panorama of park

Diving into the Roman Baths

Roman bath

Good example of Georgian architecture
After mister left for London to go to work, I wandered around the Royal Victoria Gardens and the Royal Botanic Gardens.. Here are a few of my favourite shots....

I'm still obsessed with the squirrels. They are so fun to watch. There was quite a few people there attempting to feed them with popcorn seeds!

I love cherry blossoms

Ok, so I must have been on a cherry blossom photography tour of the parks

Close up!
So that's probably enough photos for now... I'd love to hear more of your tales from home.

Thinking of you and missing you...

Oh and I found out the most terrible news the other day... I'm actually on eleven. I forgot about pot-head Melbourne man! Eff it!!! I'm disgusted!!

I hope that cheers you up at least. Some good has to come of it!

Lots of love from the west xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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