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Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Hola East,

How are you?????? Tell me whats happening back over there...

I arrived in Sevilla tonight which is towards the Mediterranean sea side of Spain. It is absolutely gorgeous. Probably my most favourite place because of its wide streets, cleanliness, everyones happy, theres trees lining the streets and the vibe is good.

I GOT TO HOLD AN APE TODAY!!!! It was crazy insane amazing!! They are so funny and cute and can bite your hand off at any time!!! Amazeballs as you would say. Probably my most fav activity tied with seeing a Flamenco dancing show in Barcelona. Was beautiful! They are so talented, its crazy.

Whats happening at home???

Miss you.

Buenos noches (or buenos nachoes as i say yum yum),

Love west x

p.s. What animal is against spontaneous marriage?

An antelope hahahahah

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