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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Blossom from the East

My garden grew its first vege today!
It's a tiny-wee capsicum!

It's about the size of my thumbnail but its there!

I was very excited when I saw it. :)
I have lots of flowers on my eggplant, cucumber and and zucchini plant so it shouldn't be long and ill have edible vege heheh.

That is my share photo for the week :)

(P.S:Whenever I say 'capsicum' all I can think of is Oktober Fest last year and
"Ah, pooped." "Spicy capsicum?" "Yar!")

I hope everything is lovely in Spain!
Keep me posted.
I have a few more things to post about over here in the East so check in!

All my love!
East x

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